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Lena Public School District Receives $60,000 Grant

On May 5, 2017, the Bond Foundation awarded the Lena Public School District a $60,000 grant. The Lena Public School District is located in Oconto County and serves approximately 415 students. The school district prides itself on providing a feeling of family and togetherness and places an emphasis on being an integral part of the community.

The grant was used to construct a new outdoor bathroom facility located adjacent to the track, baseball, softball and football field. Prior to receiving the grant funds, Lena used two portable units. These units were inconvenient and were simply an eye-sore. The closest indoor facility is located a distance away and created an issue of opening the school and leaving it unsupervised during sporting events. The new outdoor facility has been a wonderful addition to the current outdoor sports complex and serves the needs of students, staff and community members of all ages.