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Oconto County Commission Aging Van

Oconto County Commission on Aging Grant

On December 2, 2014, the Bond Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to Oconto County Commission on Aging (OCCA) to purchase a van to be used for their food delivery program. OCCA was formed in 1979 to plan programs, initiate community action, and promote available support systems for the well-being and benefit of the elderly population of Oconto County. They provide a home delivery nutrition program, transportation services, and a benefit specialist program. OCCA is also the lead investigator for elder abuse in Oconto County.

The new van will assist OCCA to deliver meals to an average of 130 people per day. This ensures that the elderly population are receiving proper daily nutrition and helps them stretch their limited financial resources. The home delivery nutrition program often means the difference between independence and nursing home care or extended hospital stays because of malnutrition.

The Foundation is proud to support this vital Oconto County Program.